Maquillage Mariée

Maquillage Mariage

Au marriott à Cannes

  • Wedding Planner : Priscilla – Wedding Planer
  • Réception : JW Marriott Cannes
  • Vidéaste : Jérémy Gaweda
  • Photographe : Frédéric Aguilhon
  • Coiffure : Dominique Péron
  • Mise en beauté : Stéphanie Peirello – L’Atelier du Sublime
  • Robe de la Mariée : Sandra Maurel
  • Costume du Marié : Claude Bonucci
  • Wedding Cake : Les Délices de Julie

Maquillage mariage

Nathalie S.

« Mille mercis de m’avoir sublimée pour le plus beau jour de ma vie ! Quelle gentillesse et professionnalisme ! Je vous souhaite plein de bonheur et
de belles opportunités pour votre nouvelle vie dans le sud!

Bien à vous ma chère Stéphanie. »

Nathalie S.

Wedding vows from UK customer in Monaco

« In the last 48 years I have only come across a few people with a right heart. It was a pleasure meeting you and I would definitely keep in touch with you and get to know you better.
For me I have a good friend in Niece. Everyone loved you. Please do not ever change, because a kind deed to humanity is always noticed by God.
God’s Favour in your new venture. I pray that you experience divine assistance , acceleration and distinction among your peers. What no man can do, God can!!! The creator of the universe!!! Hold on to this- I boast of The God I serve. Read this please in the bible- I can do all things with the help of Christ who gives me strength .Hold onto this in down moments. It worked for me.
Take care of you. Once again, thank you so much for your  , patience and understanding.
When the magazine is out, I will send you a copy. »

Ibironke E.

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